Adam Chamandy is a Canadian born artist who currently lives and works in Mexico. His varied practice includes painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and video. Chamandy's work often focuses on process, craftsmanship and notions of time.







back up until you bump into something, headroom, leon, mexico, june 2014

new paintings, yam gallery, 2013

codes and drawings, yam gallery, december 2011

GROUP (selected)

psr_#añouno, proyecto showroomsma, mexico, june 2016

cmyk, proyecto showroom, sma, mexico, june 2015

variable geographies, yam gallery, mexico, april 2014

retratos, yam gallery, mexico, 2013

replicants, galerie talmart, paris france, 2013

draw mexico, galerie les douches, paris, france, 2012

drawings, yam gallery, mexico, july 2012

yam gallery, mexico, july 2011


tramite, queretaro, mexico, aug 2017

zona maco, mexico city, mexico, feb 2017

art lima, lima, peru, april 2016

ddessin, atelier richelieu, paris, france, april 2013

chic dessin, atelier richelieu, paris, france, april 2012

houston fine art fair, usa, september 2011