I am participating in the NH Brussels Bloom's Penthouse Residency in Brussels, Belgium. Please take a look at my project outline and if you have a couple of minutes, fill out the form below.


Adam Chamandy

Penthouse Residency


Project Outline

I will be drawing from a database of predefined traits to create a series of increasingly optimized artworks. I will follow a process inspired by Natural Selection whereby artworks will spawn more fit artworks. The database of traits will be developed prior to the residency dates. Hotel guests will be invited to participate in the trait selection process. This will entail evaluating a list of 50 traits. In return for their participation, guests will be given a limited edition booklet displaying the traits.


Selection Process


  1. Two artworks (parents) will be made. Each will consist of ten randomly selected traits.

  2. One artwork (child) will be made. It will consist of ten traits selected as follows: five highest valued traits selected from its parents' pooled traits; two randomly selected traits from its parents' pooled traits; three randomly selected traits from a pool of traits that neither parent has.

  3. If appropriate, all traits are reevalued (see Evaluation Process).

  4. The two highest valued artworks (combined value of ten traits) will then be selected as parents.

  5. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated.

  6. Any tie of values between two traits or artworks will be dealt with by selecting one at random.


Rate of Production


The trait database will be produced prior to residency. Upon arrival in Brussels, one work will be produced each day for a period of 20 days.




The 'Evaluators' are guests of Hotel Bloom. Their role is to give a numerical rating to each trait. They serve as a metaphorical 'selection pressure' that provides a vehicle through which the artworks evolve from one 'generation' to the next.




Random mutation plays a key role in the evolutionary process. Similarly, a random number generator will be used as part of the trait and artwork selection algorithm. The first two artworks will be made up of randomly selected traits; of all works created thereafter, half of the traits will be selected at random. The random number generator will also be used to break a tie between two equally valued traits or artworks. Finally, the random number generator will be used to define the number of days between each reevaluation date (see Evaluation Process).


Evaluation Process (Hotel Guest Participation)


  • Guests are presented with an envelope with a brief description of the project.

  • Inside the envelope is a 'trait card' with an image of each of the traits.

  • The envelope also contains an 'evaluation card' with instructions and a space to write a numerical rating for each trait.

  • Participants are asked to input an evaluation of 1 to 100 for each trait, based on aesthetic preference.

  • On the reverse of the 'evaluation card' is an optional contact form that participants may fill out.

  • The value of a trait is determined by the average of all evaluations up to the evaluation date.

  • Values are reassessed after a period of N days (N = 1, 2, 3 or 4 days).

  • Period of days will be chosen randomly from 1, 2, 3 or 4 days.